Diane Ponzio

Singer - Songwriter - musician

There are many videos online featuring Diane and her music. The majority of these were done without her consent, and usually on phones, rendering them more like monkey cam than proper clips.

The following selections are ones that Diane herself thinks are truly representative of her work, and in which she knowingly participated in making:

"There's A Madman In The House"

Here is a song from Diane's most recent CD, ("On The Inside") that was filmed in her neighborhood in New Zealand, and is about a certain US President. Filmed live, with no edits, and a strong message clearly delivered with the lyrics on screen. There is no mistaking her political opinions.

"The Little Things"

On a trip to the Philippines, Diane was asked to perform one of her compositions - and it turns out, that this song garnered her an award in Tel Aviv from the Folk Association there, because of its haunting melody and poignant lyrics. (From the CD, " Take The Hypotenuse")

"Think Again"

Diane has traveled often to Italy, both to eat, and sing! And one of the most prestigious Italian music festivals she has been involved with has been The Acoustic Guitar Village in Sarzana which has now recently been incorporated into a larger music fair in Cremona. On this occasion, an online Italian Acoustic Guitar magazine asked her to perform one of her tunes, and she chose to perform the first song she ever wrote on the ukulele. (From the CD, "So Low, You Have To Listen")

"The Lee Anderton Interview"

Lee Anderton has set the gold standard for music videos about guitars, and this is an unprecedented interview in its length - a real tribute to Diane from Lee - and you will be part of an intimate conversation with Diane about her work, her life, and what her priorities are. At the end, she performs her composition "Be My Lighthouse" ( From the CD, "In The Middle") with noted guitarist Pete Honore on second guitar.