Diane Ponzio

Singer - Songwriter - musician
Diane Ponzio and Martin Guitars

DIANE has played a Martin Guitar for her entire professional career, and has been a an ambassador for the company since 1985.

Martin "Brand Ambassador" Diane Ponzio explains Martin Guitar's manufacturing techniques in this Five Part Video Series " History of Tone"

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  • What's in a Name
    Acoustic-electric guitars can take an instrument from club to stadium.

  • Tops and Bracing
    Martin guitar tops and bracing.

  • Neck Shapes
    There is so much to understand when it comes to guitar neck shapes.

  • Neck to Body Joints
    Diane teaches us about that most important of unions, neck to body joints.

  • The Finish
    The finish on Martin guitars, and why it's so special.
CF Martin Honors Diane with Two Signature Models
  • In January 2003, the Company paid tribute to her contributions by issuing a special model in her name, the JDP. Classic Elegance and Tonal Balance Are Combined With The Jumbo Size To Create “The Panache Of An OM, The Balance of a 000, and The Engine of a Dreadnought!”.
    Diane: " Few people begin playing the guitar on a Martin; most of us learn on a G.L.O. (guitar looking object), and I remember having to marshal Olympian-like finger strength to bar an “F” chord. For me, like many, it was nothing short of an epiphany to experience the butter-like ease and mind-blowing tone of a Martin Guitar the first time I strummed one. That maiden voyage was a revelation"; .. read more now.

  • C.F. Martin & Co. proudly unveiled the JDPll, a second collaboration with Martin Clinician and worldwide guitar troubadour, Diane Ponzio. On the 5th Anniversary of the highly acclaimed JDP Diane Ponzio Limited Edition model, and the 175th Anniversary of its mother ship, Martin introduced the JDP II, an innovative Martin Jumbo design that truly speaks for itself...
    Diane: “For over 20 years, I have had the privilege of representing The Martin Guitar Company at clinics, trade shows, in shops and on stages all over the world. What continues to astound me is the enduring quality of Martin craftsmanship and their instantly recognizable tone. I have NEVER met a Martin I didn't like, and more than many that I have loved.”... read more now also check out the JDPll Specifications now.

  • Diane participated in C.F. Martin’s ground breaking strides to encourage women guitar players.
    Diane: "Before the turn of the century, the majority of guitar players were women. They embraced “Parlor Style” music, which they played on small bodied, gut-string guitars. Many lithographs and paintings from the late 19th century show these women enjoying such instruments. Things certainly have changed. The majority of players are now male. As a result, lithographs featuring active, guitar-playing women have been replaced by ads showing passive bikini clad models who obviously serve merely as virility tokens for the male players. Images of women musicians are rare"... read more now.

What's in a Name

Tops and Bracing

Neck Shapes

Neck to Body Joints

The Finish